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We have been manufacturing and selling our line of exterior shutters for around 15 years.  This has given us a very keen understanding of what the
industry standard for our product line is.  We can tell you with no hesitation, The Best Shutter Ever by Burress Fabricating, well exceeds the product
quality, attention to detail, and aesthetic desirability you find in the marketplace at large.  Be comfortable with this product, knowing you have a
quality product for your client and that they will not find a better one out there.  Mistakes are rare, and we will fix or replace anything that is
manufactured incorrectly. Every product line has its own set of characteristics, standard features, standard ordering process, and that is true of
exterior shutters as well.  

1.) Exterior shutters, unlike interior shutters, are made to be seen from one side.  There is a front and a back…only the front is meant to be
displayed.  Even when they are made to close, they do not look the same from both sides.  Understand, many people want “functional”
shutters, yet never intend to close them over their windows.  They are looking for the authentic look, they want to be able to easily clean or
paint behind them, or close them briefly for a storm, but not close them for an extended time frame.  If they need to look the same from the
front and the back, this is a Special Order and needs to be noted up front to see if it can be done for the style you are requesting and for
correct pricing and correct manufacturing.
2.) Because they are only made to be displayed from the front, all manufacturing necessities are done from the back.  For paneled shutters, the
frames are different on the back, made to hold the panels in place. All fasteners enter through the back, and often the finish on the back
does not look the same as the front.   You can fill the fastener holes on the back with wood filler, sand them, and use the provided touch up
paint to cover that if you feel it is necessary…on 99% of orders, this is never deemed necessary.
3.) Exterior shutters are to be inspected from 6 feet away.  This is the industry standard.  Lean them against the house, step back 6 feet…if you
see any flaws at that distance, please let us know.  We generally inspect all of our product before it leaves our facility with this standard and
if there is a problem, we take care of it before it ships.  You will find most shutters are usually seen at far greater distances (from the road,
the driveway, across the yard) and that 6 feet is considered a “close up” inspection with this product line.  Let your clients know this as
well…many people will inspect with a magnifying glass at installation, kindly remind them that the inspection should be done, after
installation, at 6 feet away, about the closest the shutters will ever be seen…explaining this will give them a much greater sense of comfort
with the product and the installation process.
4.) Exterior paint finishes do not look the same as interior paint finishes.  This is true for painted exterior trim, painted exterior houses, and
painted exterior shutters…it does not look like interior painted surfaces.  It is never going to be as smooth and flawless as interior finishing
is.  And, the finish needs 30 days to cure.   Sometimes there appears to be a difference in the sheen if held in the right light...this almost has
a "streaking" effect.  Do not be concerned.  This is part of the paint curing process and the sheen will unify as it cures over approximately 30
5.) Touch up paint is always provided for any scuffing that may occur during shipping, during transport to the installation location, or during the
installation process itself.  Unfortunately, no matter how well we pack them or how hard we try to prevent this, on occasion some place on
the finish does need to be touched up.   This is the purpose of the provided touch up paint, it is a very easy solution saving everybody time,
shipping costs , and your customer anxiety.  Usually the installer takes care of any touch up after installing the shutters and dusting them off. 
A disposable small sponge brush works very well for this application.   When you let it dry, you cannot tell where the touch up has been
applied from six feet away.  If there is any sheen difference, again a 30 day cure time will unify it.
6.) Exterior shutters are often made up of individual components.  Everything is fully primed and finished, but where these components meet,
there will be a witness line in the paint.  We do not caulk this witness line like you would for interior trim.  Again, the standard is a 6 foot
7.) Read the details for each shutter style and the shutter materials before you order.  You will find detailed specifications for each shutter on
our website so you know exactly what you are getting.  It will pay off for you to take the time to review these details and show them to your
clients so everybody involved has the same expectation.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
8.) Read and follow the instructions on the website on how to measure, how to order, etc.  Filling out our provided measurement and order
form will walk you through the details for each shutter style you need to make note of-there is a lot of information provided on this form
that will be helpful to you.  If you need special changes or details for your shutters make note of it on this form.
9.)  Note that all Everwood Shutters 32" or greater require a center hinge.   When direct mounted, it must be fastened at the top, bottom and
center of the shutter panel on each side.  The nature of the material requires it to be installed with good support.  This prevents bowing of
the material.  We recommend the shutters be stored flat prior to installation.  If any bowing of the material is noted, it will straighten out
and hang perfectely when installed properly.  A center hinge or fastener after installation will quickly straighten out any panel that needs it.
10.) All shutters ordered with the intent of being closed or mounted into a fixed area need to be ordered 1/4" - 1/2" smaller in width and height
than the opening measures in order to close properly or fit into a fixed area.

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