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This measurement gives the exterior shutters a nice proportioned look to the size of the window.  Most shutters are measured this way.

Measurements should be taken from the OUTSIDE of the window casing.  This will be either on the front of the trim OR outside of the trim around the window.  If it is brick or stone and there is no trim around the windows, measure the edge of the opening

Note: Shutter panels will look functional and can be installed with the Authentic Mount but will NOT be able to actually close.

1.  HEIGHT:  Measure A to B

2.  WIDTH:  Measure C - D.  This will be made as a PAIR of shutters (2 panels totalling the given width) unless noted as a “Single Shutter.”

If you want to close the shutters over the windows, use the Authentic (historically accurate / functional) Method to measure.
Aesthetically Pleasing Method:
Authentic / Functional Method:
This measurement is the area that historically functional shutters would cover.  For windows with trim around the outside of the window, some feel the shutters can look “too small” with this measurement.  This is not generally an issue with brick applications (see pics).

Measurements should be taken from the INSIDE of the window casing near the glass. 

1. HEIGHT:  Measure A to B. 

2. WIDTH:  Measure C - D.  This will be made as a PAIR of shutters (2 panels totalling the given width) unless noted as a “Single Shutter”

3.  If shutters are to close over the windows, measure three locations on both the height and the width to accommodate any variation in the size of the opening. Use the smallest of these three measurements.  Deduct 1/2” from your smallest measurement to insure clearance when closing. 

Authentic Mount is the only installation method that will allow shutters to operate.

Be sure to note on the order when shutters are going to need to close over the windows.

Note that the non-decorative BACK of the shutters will be facing outward when closed.
1.  HEIGHT:  Measure A to B.  This is the overal height of the shutter.

2.  ARCH: Measure E to F.  This is the “springline” where the arch begins.

3.  WIDTH:  Measure C to D .  This will be made as a PAIR of shutters. (2 panels totalling the given width.)

Note the details in both of the aesthetic & authentic methods, for an exact fit.
Bahama Shutters can be installed anywhere shade or moderate privacy is needed.  They can be mounted on windows, porches or gazebos.

Make sure you have a good mounting surface for the top hinges and the bottom stays.

1.  HEIGHT: Measure A to B
2. WIDTH: Measure C to D.  This will be made as a SINGLE Shutter Panel.

Note the number and location of vertical stiles by measuring from the left.  One vertical stile is required on Bahama Shutters over 50” wide.

Divider Rails can be added to Bahama Shutters.
Measure on or outside of the trim or opening
Measure inside of the trim or casing
Measure inside of the brick opening